Northstar's Approach



Step 1: Initial Evaluation & Goal Setting-The process begins with an initial evaluation to gauge where your baseline skill-sets are. We will be able to assess your weaknesses and strengths after roughly 2 hours of testing. It would be preferable that you have the P-ACT or the PSAT in hand; the more information we know about you, the more informed we will be about how to work with you as an INDIVIDUAL. From our evaluation, we create a detail report about you and exactly how we will work with you to improve your scores. We will help you decide which test fits your skillsets better based on how you perform on the evaluation. We've got this down to a SCIENCE! Everything is transparent and designed specifically for you. 

Step 2: Scheduling set up-Along with the report is the anticipated schedule from start to finish to maximize your scores. The duration of the course will be planned out during this initial stage so that you know when your ACT/SAT sessions will be months in advanced. The schedule is transparent and pinpoints when, what topics, and for how long we will focus on each section. It is important not only to plan out what to focus on, but also plan out what ratio the prep needs to be in in order to maximize the time spent studying. Also included in the report is our recommended timeline of when you should sign up for your first official attempt and, if needed, your final attempt.

Step 3: Tutoring-Once we mutually agree upon a schedule, tutoring can start at the designated 1st session. Each session lasts roughly 75 minutes and focuses on one to two topics. Expect to spend ~30 minutes four times a week to review the concepts covered in each session. HW assigned are designed to fortified what was learned in the session; we do not assign busy work, but work that is beneficial to elevate your base knowledge, strategies, or familiarity of the test. It is critical that each student progressively adjust to the knowledge and strategies needed to perform his/her best on the test. This is a learned test, and it is not a test that a student should "cram" for.  


At the end of the course, we will issue full mock tests in an ACT/SAT-complied setting. You will take these tests on two different Saturdays or Sundays, usually one to two weeks apart. At the conclusion of the course, you will have completed at least 14 full mock tests.You will have the knowledge, the familiarity, and strategies to perform your best on the SAT.


For over a decade, NorthStar has maintained and steadily grown our reputation as "the final solution" SAT/ACT prep company. We teach you how to set goals, help you create a consistent routine, and provide you with a clear path of study. Simply put: We teach more, we do more, and we produce results every time. 

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