Superior results with NorthStar. Every time.

We don't focus on just one or two aspects to help you boost your scores; instead, our methodology focuses on a combination of proven techniques to help you significantly improve your scores and your overall long term educational development.


Targeted Practice

Each session will focus on 1-2 new concepts. Homework will then be assigned in a 3-1 ratio; 75% of the homework will be focused on what was learned in the session, while 25% will fortify what you already know well. This way, we can focus on improvement instead of doing busy work.

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Foundational Review

Your evaluation gives us insight into what your relative weaknesses are. We make sure that all concepts you are not certain about or don't know are reviewed. We don't cover more than what's on the test, nor do we cover less. We will indicate to you the exact content you need to learn and study. Again, no wasted time with busy work.

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Test Pattern Recognition 

The most important aspect of ACT/SAT prep is learning to recognize the pattern of each test. We will lay out what kinds of problems/concepts are guaranteed to occur in each section. This way, you know what to focus on while you study. 

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Strategies and Tricks

Strategies and tricks are important for the ACT/SAT; however, contrary to popular beliefs, they are not the most important aspect of test prep. If you don't have the correct foundational skillsets, don't know the test pattern, and don't practice the correct questions, then the strategies and tricks won't help much. We will teach you how to use the strategies and tricks effectively in conjunction with other aspects of test prep to boost your scores.

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