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Why academic planning is important:

Academic planning is not just about achievement or measuring progress but also about growth, maintenance, and strategizing for long term academic success. Having a strong foundational skillset will allow your child to go further in the academic setting, perform better on standardized tests, achieve a top GPA, and have confidence in his/her abilities. 

Academic planning involves making sure that your child is learning the pertinent materials at an appropriate ​time AND minimize summer learning loss (what is it?). NorthStar will independently assess your child and advise on a course of study to help your child build a solid academic foundation. 


What the program entails:

The goal of this program is to ensure your child's foundational skillsets are at their peak each year. This must be done progressively, periodically, and diligently. Each student's needs are different, but there are generally a couple component to the program: 

1. Assess and identify academic progress at the beginning of each summer

2. Implement and provide summer review materials to rectify any

foundational gap and to prevent summer learning loss,  OR

3. Implement and provide materials to move ahead when appropriate

Our highly individualized, personal, and supportive approach help each student accelerate his/her academic goals in an efficient manner.

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When should you start: 

This program can be implemented for any student in 1st grade or older. 

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